April 5th

30 Days in Nicaragua – Photo Story

Photos from my 30 days in Nicaragua featuring local artists, mountain landscapes, beach scenes, colonial architecture and volcanic sunrises.

January 27th

The Nicaraguan Cliff Carver: Competing With Alberto Gutierrez

Estelí, Nicaragua
Alberto Gutierrez has been carving depictions of Nicaragua, elephants, lions & helicopters into the cliffs for decades. Discover how he was almost killed while helping us escape from a sticky situation.

December 20th

Nicaraguan Cockfighting in the Suburbs of Managua: Photo Story

Managua, Nicaragua
A photo story depicting a Nicaraguan cockfight in the suburbs of the capital Managua. The day started like any other community event with food, drink and music but things got a little sketchy when the actual cockfighting began.

December 17th

Playa Gigante, Nicaragua: Travel Guide

Nicaragua, Playa Gigante
Playa Gigante is a blissful fishing village on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Stroll the half-cresent beach at night beneath a full-moon and feel the magic of the midnight waves.

April 23rd

Best Places to Eat in León

León, Nicaragua
The birthplace of the 1979 Sandinista revolution, Nicaragua’s second-largest city León is a friendly yet quirky place with bags of character. Here is a list of the best places to eat in León.

March 23rd

Sunday Night in Moyogalpa

Nicaragua, Ometepe
After crossing Lake Nicaragua by ferry I had an eventful Sunday night in Moyogalpa on the volcanic island of Ometepe. It involved a blackout, a boxer and me almost joining a Nicaraguan football team.

March 11th

Nicaraguan Quesillos: Photo Story

León, Nicaragua
On the highway from Managua to León lies a legendary roadside vendor: Quesillos Güiligüiste. On the advice of a friend I visited this cheese factory to see how Nicaraguan Quesillos are made.