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I am an eight-inch travel writer based in London. It's not always easy being a tiny traveller but it's seldom dull. This is a place for me to share my weird and wonderful travel stories with the rest of the world.

Recent Articles

May 16th

5 of London’s Weirdest Museums

London, United Kingdom
Who would have thought that an eight-inch tall travel writer would like to walk on the weird side? Check out my list of London's weirdest museums.

May 10th

Budget London: No-Frills Foodie Joints

London, United Kingdom
Poet shirts, posh restaurants and ruffled skirts? Leave it out. Next time you’re hungry for some tasty grub try out one of budget London’s finest no-frills foodie joints.

April 5th

30 Days in Nicaragua – Photo Story

Photos from my 30 days in Nicaragua featuring local artists, mountain landscapes, beach scenes, colonial architecture and volcanic sunrises.

February 23rd

‘Absolute Lunacy’ – Dining in East London

London, United Kingdom
Read about a dining experience in East London that was so bad we had to do a runner...

January 27th

The Nicaraguan Cliff Carver: Competing With Alberto Gutierrez

Estelí, Nicaragua
Alberto Gutierrez has been carving depictions of Nicaragua, elephants, lions & helicopters into the cliffs for decades. Discover how he was almost killed while helping us escape from a sticky situation.

January 17th

5 Reasons Not To Skip Honduras

Honduras has some of the most lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls, beautiful beaches and friendly people in the whole of Central America. That's why it would be such a shame to skip it.